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Grand Illusion Show: Moore Magic will make sure you have a great time by making the unimaginable happen before your very eyes at the Grand Illusion show. This performance for all ages features several grand illusions, escapes, appearances and disappearances, and many fan favorites. A husband-and-wife duo, Adam and Lisa create real magic in the hearts and minds of audiences. After having performed for thousands of people throughout the Midwest, in Las Vegas, Europe, Latin America, and on national television, they are excited to call Plymouth Playhouse home.

Party Show: This performance has been developed from a broad theatrical perspective — with a focus on a wide audience with a shorter attention span. This show includes highlights from the Grand Illusion show, along with favorites enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Many guests will have the opportunity to become co-stars in the show. The run time of this show is approximately 45 minutes, displaying the full spectrum of magic — from large illusions to tricks with a focus on audience participation. Show content is enjoyed by people of all ages.